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For a healthy pregnancy that benefits you and your baby, you need early and frequent prenatal care. The board-certified obstetrics and gynecology team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC in Leesburg, and Lady Lake, in Florida, has helped many women bring their babies into the world and offers personalized and compassionate prenatal care. Call the office or request an appointment online to schedule a prenatal consultation.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care refers to the medical care you need during your pregnancy. Early and regular prenatal care ensures that both you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

The experienced team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC manage both normal and high-risk pregnancies and deliver at The Life Center for Women (TLC) at Leesburg Regional Medical Center. At TLC, you’re provided with a private delivery suite, a baby-centered nursery, and family-focused care.

What can I expect during prenatal care?

The team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC takes a personalized approach to care and your prenatal experience might not be like anyone else’s. However, you can expect comprehensive and compassionate care throughout gestation.

Your first prenatal visit, which is usually scheduled eight weeks after the start of your last menstrual period, will be the most extensive. During this visit, your doctor reviews your medical and gynecological history, as well as you and your partner’s family history.

You can also expect a complete physical and pelvic exam, as well as a Pap smear, urinalysis, and blood test. Your doctor also calculates your due date, answers all of your questions, and reviews what to expect during your ongoing prenatal care.

The frequency of your prenatal visits is generally based on your weeks of pregnancy, with visits once a month up through 28 weeks, two visits a month up through 36 weeks, and then weekly visits until the birth of your baby. However, you might require more frequent visits based on your personal prenatal care needs.

Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC is a full-service women’s health care practice and offers in-house ultrasounds for your convenience.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy means that you or your baby need a little extra prenatal care to ensure a healthy and happy gestation. Your pregnancy is considered high-risk if:

  • You’re a teenager or over 35
  • You have a preexisting medical condition
  • You’re carrying multiple babies
  • You develop a condition during your pregnancy

If your pregnancy is considered high risk, you’ll require more frequent prenatal visits and additional tests.

At Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC the experienced team provides compassionate and comprehensive prenatal care. Call the office or request an appointment online today.