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Hormonal changes are a normal part of the aging process. However, your hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms that affect your quality of life. The board-certified obstetrics and gynecology physicians at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC in Leesburg, and Lady Lake, in Florida, take a personalized approach to hormone therapy using bioidentical hormone replacement pellets. To learn more about hormone therapy and how it can help you, call the office or request an appointment online.

Hormone Therapy Q & A

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is a medical treatment used to restore hormone balance to ease the symptoms associated with menopause. The team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC consider hormone replacement therapy one of the most important conversations both menopausal and premenopausal women should have with their doctor.

Many women have concerns about hormone therapy due to health risks like heart disease and breast cancer. The team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC takes an individualized approach to hormone therapy to optimize your hormone levels and minimize your risks using bioidentical hormones in pellet form.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are a natural form of hormone therapy. These hormones are created from foods like yams and soy and have the same chemical structure as the hormones found in your body. During therapy, bioidentical hormones act just like your natural hormones to optimize your levels and ease your symptoms.

What is bioidentical hormone pellet therapy?

The team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC uses bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to provide you with the customized hormone therapy you need. The advanced women’s health practice was one of the first medical practices in the area to offer pellet therapy.

Your pellet is designed to match your specific hormone needs. The team places the pellet under your skin, where it delivers a steady and continuous dose of hormones to optimize your levels.

In addition to estrogen, pellet therapy allows the team to offer you testosterone, which can help give you back your zeal for life. In addition to improving your energy levels, testosterone hormone therapy also improves your sex drive, lean body mass, and mood.

Am I a good candidate for hormone therapy?

Your doctor at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC determines if you’re a good candidate for hormone therapy during a consultation. The team provides compassionate and whole-patient care and takes all of your health needs into consideration when designing a treatment plan.

If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats, or you want to know more about your hormone therapy options, contact Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC by phone or online today.