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The right type of contraception can fit into your family planning needs so that you can avoid an unwanted pregnancy until the time is right for you. At Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC you have direct access to a team of providers who specialize in personalized birth control solutions. Book your contraception evaluation at the Leesburg, and Lady Lake, in Florida, clinic today. Click on the online scheduler or call to speak with a team member.

Contraception Q & A

Which type of contraception is most effective?

While the birth control pill — which can be over 99% effective when used correctly — continues to remain at the forefront of contraception solutions, it isn’t the only option. With advances in medicine have come improvements in contraception that require less maintenance than ever before. Some of the most effective types of contraception include:

  • Intrauterine device (IUD): over 99% effective and lasts for 3-10 years
  • Birth control implant: over 99% effective and lasts for up to four years
  • Birth control injection: over 94% effective and lasts for three months
  • Transdermal patch: over 91% effective and needs to be worn for three weeks monthly

If your family is complete, you might also want to talk with your physician about permanent birth control like having your tubes tied (tubal ligation).

How do I talk to my doctor about contraception?

The highly skilled team at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC wants to help you find the best type of contraception for your unique needs. When you come in for your birth control evaluation, there are some things to consider when talking with your doctor:

  • How much maintenance is involved with contraception
  • When you’d like to try to become pregnant (if applicable)
  • Any side effects or failure concerns

You also need to let your doctor know about your sexual health practices. Most types of birth control don’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), so it’s important to use a barrier method like a male condom if you have multiple partners or a history of STDs.

When does birth control become effective?

It just depends on which type of birth control you choose and when you start it. Many types of birth control, including IUDs and NEXPLANON® implants, are effective immediately if you get them early enough in your cycle.

But if you start your birth control later in your menstrual cycle, you may need to use a backup form of birth control for several weeks. Make sure you talk with your provider at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC about when your birth control is going to be effective.

You can schedule your contraception evaluation at Lake OB-GYN Associates of Mid-Florida, LLC through the website or over the phone.